How are 2ml HPLC vials shipped and stored?
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How are 2ml HPLC vials shipped and stored?

Aug. 29th, 2023
Precision and accuracy are of utmost importance in High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). Sample integrity depends not only on analytical instruments but also on proper handling, shipping and storage practices for consumables such as 2ml HPLC vials; their quality can have an enormous effect on analytical results. Here we explore best practices for shipping and storing 2ml HPLC vials so they remain in mint condition and your analyses remain reliable.

Shipping Considerations

1. Protective Packaging: For 2ml HPLC vials to arrive undamaged during transport, sturdy cardboard boxes with enough cushioning material (foam or bubble wrap) will offer adequate protection from breakage. This can also absorb shocks during transit.

2. Assure a Secure Seal: For optimal results during transportation, every vial should be fitted with an unbroken cap or septum to avoid leakage or contamination of any sort.

3. Labelling: To alert handlers about the delicate nature of its contents, clearly mark the package as "Fragile" and "Handle With Care." This will alert them that this should be handled carefully.

4. Temperature Control: To prevent degradation or alteration due to extreme temperatures, consider temperature-controlled shipping for samples with delicate contents.

Storage Guidelines

1. Dry and Clean Environment: Store the 2ml HPLC vials in a dry and clean environment to prevent any moisture-related issues or contamination.

2. Cool and Dark: Whenever possible, store the vials in a cool and dark area to minimize exposure to light and heat, which can affect the stability of samples.

3. Vertical Position: Keep the vials stored in an upright position to avoid any potential leakage of sample or solvent.

4. Organized System: Implement an organized storage system, such as racks or trays, to keep the vials easily accessible and prevent accidental damage.

5. Avoid Frequent Handling: Minimize unnecessary handling of vials, as constant movement can increase the risk of breakage.

6. Regular Inventory Checks: Periodically check your inventory to ensure that no vials are past their expiration date or compromised in any way.

Adherence to these shipping and storage practices will protect the quality and integrity of 2ml HPLC vials, leading to more accurate analyses using HPLC technology. Remember: focus on every step is key for producing consistent, precise results in laboratory work.

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