HPLC Sample PP Vials for Chromatography from Aijiren
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HPLC Sample PP Vials for Chromatography from Aijiren

Jun. 10th, 2020
HPLC Sample PP Vials for Chromatography are a typical type of sample vials and are widely used in the market.Compared to others, the HPLC Sample PP Vials of chromatography are more cost-effective and more durable.The HPLC Sample PP Vials rack can be marked with numbers and other symbols, which can make the experiment more accurate.It can be stacked in case of vacancy and full, and effectively save the work area.
The HPLC Sample PP Vials is made of high quality PP plastic and it will not deform when it comes into contact with organic solvents and general acid and alkali fluids.Polypropylene is a rigid and translucent material, which also comes in a variety of colors and has good chemical resistance for short-term storage of most common laboratory chemicals. Resistance decreases over time when using aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbons. 
HPLC Sample PP Vials are often used for ion chromatography due to the extremely low metal content and the excellent purity of diluted acid followed by avionized water rinse. HPLC Sample PP Vials limit the exposure to hazardous materials since they can be incinerated while sealed.
When choosing HPLC Sample PP Vials, be sure to identify the quality of this vial. You will find Vials of the same size, the quality is the big difference. In general, unqualified HPLC Sample PP Vials has a major impact on the ratio of chromatographic peaks. Aijiren's HPLC Sample PP Vials have strict requirements from choosing raw materials for packing. 
At Aijiren, we appreciate today's HPLC analysis requirements for quality, reliability and cleanliness. Our HPLC Sample PP Vials and sealing caps are designed to ensure that the samples are not contaminated, improve the customer's work efficiency, and bring some help to the customer's HPLC analysis.