Lab Using GC Vials Decapper for Headspace Vials for Sale
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Lab Using GC Vials Decapper for Headspace Vials for Sale

Apr. 2nd, 2020
Precision and efficiency are at the core of analytical chemistry. Researchers work with complex samples that require expert handling, with extraction of gas or volatile compounds from sealed vials known as headspace vials being an integral step. Decapping vials manually can be time-consuming and error prone - this is where decappers for headspace vials provide an efficient solution that streamlines sample extraction. We will explore their significance and advantages across various analytical applications in this article.

The Importance of Headspace Vials

Headspace vials are specialized containers used in gas chromatography (GC) and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) analyses. They allow for the sampling of volatile compounds without disturbing the sample matrix. These vials are typically sealed with crimp caps or screw caps to maintain the integrity of the sample.

It is an aluminum-plastic combined cover and GC Vials Decapper necessary for a large number of pharmaceutical factories, scientific research institutes, laboratories, hospital pharmacy departments at home and abroad to dispense various medicinal liquids in small batches.

Applications of Decappers

In particular, when major pharmaceutical factories or preparation rooms are in production, when a sudden power failure or other electric capping equipment fails and is helpless, using this equipment can be used instead to ensure the normal operation of production.

Decappers have many applications across multiple disciplines, from pharmaceuticals and food and beverage analysis, environmental monitoring and forensic sciences. Decappers can be particularly valuable when handling large sample sets or when precise and consistent results are essential.

GC Vials Decapper

1. Easy to operate and use

2. Good chemical resistance surface coating specially designed for laboratory use

3. Tough jaws use special metal alloy to ensure long-term use

4.The jaw pressure regulator is provided on the operating handle

5. The height of the roll mouth of the capper is adjustable. It can be adjusted by the hexagonal wrench through the bolt on the jaw head.

Part No.



hand crimper, for 20mm crimp caps seals


hand crimper, for 11mm crimp caps seals


hand crimper, for 20mm crimp caps seals


hand crimper, for 11mm crimp caps seals, economy type


hand crimper, for 20mm crimp caps seals, economy type

For a comprehensive understanding of the GC vials decapper, please refer to the details provided in this article:Hand Crimper, Decrimper

Shipment of GC Vials Decapper:

We are very familiar with different international transportation way: by air, by sea, or by courier (UPS/FEDEX/DHL/TNT).

Precision and efficiency are of utmost importance in analytical chemistry, making disappears headspace vials an indispensable asset to laboratories around the globe. Streamlining the sample extraction process and eliminating errors while maintaining sample integrity, disappears allows laboratories to save time, reduce errors, and ensure the reliability of results, making this tool indispensable.

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