Manufacturer of Hplc Vial and Caps
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Manufacturer of Hplc Vial and Caps

Jul. 8th, 2020
HPLC Vial and Cap are a unity. In experiment, HPLC vial must be equipped with cap to used in chromatography instrument. As we all known, when the autosamplers grabbing the sample vial, need to rely on the resistance of the cap or magnetic adsorption force to complete. When selecting the HPLC Vial and Cap, confirm the analyzer model; then select the appropriate capacity.
Aijiren is a manufacturer of HPLC vial. With multiple automated production lines, all hplc sample vial are produced in a high-clean environment. When you get the HPLC vial, after a simple cleaning can be used directly on the instrument. Aijiren HPLC vial is in sufficient stock. When you choose suit model, Aijiren manufacturer can complete the shipment within 48 hours.
Aijiren is a manufacturer of HPLC Vial and Cap. From selection of raw materials, the development of standard abrasives, batch production, these are done by Aijiren's mechanics. As a HPLC Vial and Cap manufacturer, Aijiren provides screw cap, snap cap, crimp cap and other categories.
Aijiren is a global supplier and manufacturer of chromatography analytical field and lab consumable with high quality, good service and favorable price. Aijiren have customers from pharmaceutical, life science, chemistry, technology, food processing industry and so on. No matter which field are you, you can find the suit sample vial and cap in Aijiren.
When you make the laboratory consumable list, you can inquiry Aijiren. Cooperate with HPLC Vial and Cap manufacturer, Save your money.