Premium 0.22um Micron Syringe Filter for HPLC Preparation
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Premium 0.22um Micron Syringe Filter for HPLC Preparation

Jan. 18th, 2020
The 0.22um Micron Syringe Filter (or wheel filter) is a disposable filter element located at the end of the syringe. Syringe filters can be equipped with Luer lock fittings for secure attachment to syringes. 

We offer a wide range of 0.22um Micron Syringe Filter to fully meet your application needs. Syringe filters are available in a variety of membrane types. When choosing a syringe filter, you should know which filter is appropriate for your application.
General Instructions of 0.22um Micron Syringe Filter.
Note: A syringe with a volume of less than 10 ml can generate a pressure greater than the burst rating for the syringe filter housing.NEVER reuse or resterilize a syringe filter unit.
Syringe filters are bi-directional and filter in either direction but once you start filtering in one direction, DO NOT change direction
0.22um Micron Syringe Filter with high burst strength for assured performance. Manufactured to ISO 9002 and GMP standard and 100% integrity tested.

So if there have any requirement about 0.22um Micron Syringe Filter ,please contact with Aijrien.