Reagent Bottle for Chromatography Analysis on Sale
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Reagent Bottle for Chromatography Analysis on Sale

Aug. 14th, 2020
Among the chromatographic consumables produced by Aijiren, the most popular one is the Reagent Bottle. Because Reagent Bottle does not need to be matched with the instrument, it is a versatile product and has no limitations. You only need to consider the specifications of 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml.
Aijiren's Reagent Bottle is made of high-quality inert glass that is placed in a mold for forging. This glass is not easy to react with the sample placed in the Reagent Bottle, and the position of the sample liquid level can be directly observed through the glass, which is convenient for adding samples in time.
The Reagent Bottle is available in two colors, Clear and Amber. Clear is convenient for viewing the sample volume, and Amber can hold light-sensitive samples to ensure that the samples will not change. The bottle has a scale on the outside to ensure the number of samples in the Reagent Bottle.
The bottles provided by Aijiren are manufactured using high-quality glass with advanced technology under the strict supervision of our professional technicians. In addition, we are carrying out a Reagent Bottle promotion, and we will provide price discounts based on the quantity ordered by customers.
If you need Reagent Bottle, choose Aijiren! Aijiren, as a well-known laboratory consumable supplier, provides high-quality Reagent Bottle as a chromatography analysis tool. Bringing convenience to laboratory analysis, Aijiren will work hard until it becomes a well-known brand worldwide.