Screw Top 20ml Glass Headspace Vials on Sale
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Screw Top 20ml Glass Headspace Vials on Sale

Aug. 28th, 2020
The production process of 20ml Screw Top Headspace Vial is very strict. Because Aijiren has its own bottle manufacturing factory and high production standards, each link has a special inspection department for quality control, which can ensure that the Headspace Vials specifications of the same batch are the same. 
The Caps of the 20ml Screw Top Headspace Vial are made of Magnetic Precision Metal. This material ensures a clear thread pattern and is very convenient for sealing and opening the screw cap. It is convenient for laboratory personnel to manually rotate when in use to achieve the sealing effect.
The 20ml Screw Top Headspace Vial provided by Aijiren comes in two colors, one is Clear and the other is Amber. Amber Glass can protect light-sensitive samples from deterioration due to light when placed. Aijiren uses 5.0 type glass for the 20ml Screw Headspace Vials.
Aijiren is very attentive to the packaging of the 20ml Screw Top Headspace Vial, because he is worried that Vials will be damaged due to collisions during transportation. Aijiren's packaging minimizes the possibility of damage to Vials during transportation. But if you find damaged vials in the received goods, please contact Aijiren, and Aijiren will be responsible for you.
Aijiren has become a well-known chromatographic consumables brand in China with its high-quality products and services. Aijiren will continue to strive to become a better chromatographic consumables supplier. Please trust Aijiren and choose Aijiren.