Specification of Gc Vial by Aijien Vial Manufacturer
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Specification of Gc Vial by Aijien Vial Manufacturer

May. 7th, 2020
In every laboratory, Glassware experimental apparatus can be seen. Especially, in headspace Gas Chromatography analysis progress, headspace GC vial take a important role. Now, GC Headspace Vial should be introduce to you.

Gas chromatography starts in high temperature condition, so the condition puts forward higher requirement to the autosampler GC vial. Aijiren supply different model GC Headspace Vial to choose,such as crimp top GC vial, scrw top GC vial.

To meet GC standard, GC Headspace Vial are available in a variety of sizes. Standard GC vial sizes include 22.5x46mm (10ml, screw top), 22.5x75mm (20ml, screw top) and 22x38mm (6ml, crimp top), 22.5x46mm(10ml, crimp top), 22.5x75mm(20ml, crimp top). The user can also select each vial as experiment requirement and GC instrument.

Aijiren,as GC vial manufacturer,understands the specifications of the GC instrument. Thus, Aijiren can denotes autosampler GC Headspace Vial compatibility so that you are receiving vials that work with the GC instrument.
Choose GC Headspace Vial, Choose Aijiren vial. 20ml screw top GC vial and 20ml crimp top vial are avaliable.Aijiren is the leader of autosampler vial.welcome to inquiry.