Standard Opening 2ml Amber Vials for HPLC sampling
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Standard Opening 2ml Amber Vials for HPLC sampling

Jul. 24th, 2020
2ml Amber Vials are mainly used to inject samples from auto samplers. They are sold in several sizes, but 2 mL vials are more commonly used. The autosampler needle pierces the cap during injection and pulls the required amount of samples from the vial.
There are requirements for 2ml Amber Vials. Contact us now! In addition, the 2ml amber screw top vial is made of 33 inflated glass and can be heated at high temperatures (1,200°C) during the manufacturing process with transparent glass. Vials are made from 51 extended glass (during manufacture, heated at 100°C).
Our cleaning and packing processes are designed to meet today's most stringent standards. To eliminate the risk of contamination during transportation and storage, we recommend our VAC-Bag package. For years, Ayziren has provided clients with vials packaged in sealed "Aygirene." This custom package has been developed and tested to eliminate contamination during transportation and storage.
All 2ml Amber Vials seem to be created the same way, but when analyzing critical samples, quality and performance make a difference. Aijiren Vials are cleaned and packed in certified class 10,000 clean rooms according to a design process developed to eliminate vial-related chromatography errors.

We can provide Lifetime Support Guarantee. Have any requirement for 2ml Amber Vials, please contact me promptly.