Wholesale 20mm Crimp Headspace Vials for Sale
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Wholesale 20mm Crimp Headspace Vials for Sale

Dec. 27th, 2019
These 20mm Crimp Headspace Vials meet or exceed OEM specifications. Beveled edge finish features a sturdy rim that presses into the septum for a more effective seal.
Vial capacities are 6 and 20 mL and dimensions are 22 x 38 mm and 23 x 75 mm, respectively.
When choosing a 20mm Crimp Headspace Vials, the product material is of paramount importance. Depending upon the use, either glass or plastic testing vials may be best. Begin by considering the facts and benefits regarding glass vials.
Many 20mm Crimp Headspace Vials are available, and it is important to be able to distinguish them based on size and closure. Vials come in various sizes, with the most common for liquid injections being 12 x 32 mm vials and 15 x 45 mm vials. 
These 20mm Crimp Headspace Vials make an excellent choice to daily chromatographic experiments in the lab combining the highest quality and consistent results with low cost. A must have for your research.
For more than 15 years, Aijiren has been offering customers the highest quality products along with friendly and professional service for 20mm Crimp Headspace Vials.
Aijiren is committed to the development, production, and manufacture of innovative chromatographic consumable products that solve today’s most difficult challenges and enable your success.