Why Choose Septa of Vial from Aijiren Which is the Leading Supplier of Septa from China ?
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Why Choose Septa from Aijiren which is the leading supplier of septa from China ?

Oct. 12th, 2019
 The Septa produced by our company have the following characteristics:
1. Polytetrafluoroethylene and high-quality silicone rubber or ultra-pure silicone rubber are used as raw materials to ensure that the gasket is non-toxic.
 2. Our SeptaThe PTFE film and silicone rubber or silica gel bond are joined together by non-adhesive bonding process to maintain the excellent properties of the two materials. The contact reagent of PTFE layer with composite back cushion has good chemical inertia and can resist acid, alkali, temperature and adhesion, even at high temperature, it does not interact with strong acid, alkali or strong oxidant.
At the same time, silicone rubber is used. Or the elasticity of the silica gel layer can ensure the sealing performance.

 3. Non-adhesive bonding technology, the introduction of non-adhesive, the pad maintains the excellent resilience of silicone rubber or silica gel, and is softer than the pad of the adhesive process, which can provide better protection for the needle of the automatic sampler.
4. Zhejiang Aijiren Technological Instruments Co., Ltd. has become the only independent manufacturer of Teflon/Silicone  in China by virtue of its own technological advantages. It saves the accumulated sales costs of middle-level distributors for you.
The price of Septa is more competitive and its own technological advantages provide reliable quality assurance for each batch of products manufactured and make customers more comfortable to use.

5. Strict production management ensures the quality of products.
So if you have any requirement about Septa for the cap of vial,please contact with Aijiren,the only manufacturer of Teflon/Silicone septa in China.