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    500ml glass reagent bottle with blue screw cap price

    500ml Glass Reagent Bottle with Blue Screw Cap

    Characteristic of 500ML Reagent Bottle: 1.Easy to use amber reagent bottle 2.Made from borosilicate glass 3.Includes a white wadded screw cap 4.Ideal for use in the science classroom or laboratory 5.500ml capacity
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    Product Description
    product description
    Product Description
    500ml Glass Reagent Bottle with GL45 Screw Cap (Royal Blue) is made of Super Thick Borosilicate Glass for Durability Graduated 500ml bottle, which can handle any high pressures and temperatures from the harshest chemicals to extreme heating agents. Comes with a GL45 ring with a Screw cap to prevent leaks in any conditions.

    Part 1. Specification of  500ml Glass Storage Bottle



    Bottle Diameter


    Bottle Mouth Innerdiameter


    Bottle Mouth Diameter













    Borosilicate Glass



    Part 2. 14 Factors  to choose 500ml Glass Reagent Bottle with Blue Screw Cap

    Choosing the right 500ml glass reagent bottle with a blue screw cap involves considering several key factors to ensure it meets your specific laboratory needs. Below are essential guidelines to help you make an informed decision:

    Chemical Compatibility: Check the bottle's chemical resistance to ensure it can withstand the specific reagents and chemicals used in your laboratory without degradation or leaching.

    Material Quality: Opt for high-quality borosilicate glass that ensures durability and thermal stability, making it suitable for a wide range of temperatures.

    Screw Cap Seal: Ensure the blue screw cap provides an airtight and leak-proof seal to prevent any spills, evaporation, or contamination.

    Cap Material: Choose a cap made from high-quality polypropylene or similar materials that offer excellent chemical resistance and durability.

    Transparency: Prefer bottles with transparent glass, allowing for easy visual inspection of the contents without opening the bottle.

    Wide Mouth: A wide mouth facilitates easy pouring and dispensing of liquids, enabling accurate measurements and transfers.

    Stackable Design: Consider bottles with a uniform shape that allows for easy stacking and organized storage in your laboratory cabinets or shelves.

    Graduations: If needed, select bottles with graduations to enable precise volume measurements directly from the container.

    Application Specific: Ensure the bottle's specifications align with the intended applications, such as storing hazardous chemicals, stock solutions, or long-term storage of sensitive samples.

    Reusability: Opt for a reusable bottle to promote eco-friendly practices and reduce plastic waste.

    Autoclavability: If required, choose bottles that can withstand autoclaving for sterilization purposes.

    Trusted Brand: Consider purchasing from reputable laboratory equipment manufacturers or suppliers to ensure product quality and reliability.

    Packaging Options: Check for suitable packaging options, such as individual units or bulk packs, depending on your usage requirements.

    Cost-Effectiveness: While quality is essential, ensure that the chosen bottle fits your budget and provides good value for money.

    By carefully considering these factors, you can confidently select the most suitable 500ml glass reagent bottle with a blue screw cap that best matches your laboratory's needs, ensuring safe and efficient storage of your valuable reagents and chemicals.

    Part 3. Feature of Detail of 500ml Glass Reagent Bottle

    - Prior to leave the factory without testing because its high quality.
    - Made from high quality glass material,which is durable and clean.
    - Built under greatly strict quality control standards,therefore there is a quality guarantee of our product.
    - Accurate and clear scale provide you a unbelievable experience.
    - A good helper for you to work in a laboratory,and you will enjoy its excellent performance.

    -Broosilicate Glass 3.3

    SiO2 Content


    Strain Point


    Annealing Point


    Softening Point


    Refractive Index


    Light Transmission(2mm)


    Elastic Modulus


    Tensile Strength


    Glass Stress Optical Coefficient


    Processing Temperature(104dpas)


    Linear Coefficient of Expansion(20-300)




    Specific Heat


    Thermal Conductivity


    Hydrolytic Resistance(ISO 719)

    Grade 1

    Acid Resistance(ISO 715)

    Grade 1

    Alkali Resistance(ISO 695)

    Grade 2

    Thermal Shock Resistance(ISO 715) Rod 6*30mm



    Part 4.More Glass Reagent Bottle Showing

    Glass Reagent Bottle volumes available are 50ml,100ml, 250ml, 300ml, 500ml, 1000ml,2000ml.The bottles can be used for both liquids and powders solids. The most common sample containers range in size from 
    500ml Glass Reagent Bottle to 1000 ml.

    Part 5.10 Reasons Why Choose GL45 500ml Glass Reagent Bottle

    In the realm of laboratory equipment, the 
    GL45 500ml glass reagent bottle with a blue screw cap stands out as an exceptional choice for various reasons. As researchers and scientists seek the best storage and containment solutions for their valuable reagents and chemicals, this versatile bottle offers a range of benefits that make it a top preference. Let's explore the compelling reasons why the 500ml glass reagent bottle with a blue screw cap is the ultimate option for laboratory use.

    1. Superior Chemical Resistance

    When working with a diverse array of chemicals, it is essential to have a container that can withstand corrosive substances without compromising its structural integrity. The glass construction of the 500ml reagent bottle guarantees superior chemical resistance, ensuring the purity and stability of the stored contents over extended periods.

    2. Ideal Capacity for Versatile Applications

    The 500ml capacity strikes a perfect balance between functionality and convenience. It provides ample space to store a substantial quantity of liquid while being easy to handle and store. Whether you need to store common reagents or specialized solutions, this bottle's capacity caters to a wide range of applications.

    3. Secure Blue Screw Cap

    The blue screw cap complements the glass bottle perfectly, providing an airtight and leak-proof seal. This secure closure prevents accidental spills, evaporation, and contamination, safeguarding the integrity of your valuable samples.

    4. Transparency for Easy Monitoring

    The transparent nature of the glass allows for effortless visual monitoring of the contents. Researchers can quickly assess the volume, color, and condition of the stored liquids without the need to open the bottle, ensuring efficient and error-free lab work.

    5. Durable and Reusable

    Unlike single-use plastic containers, the 500ml glass reagent bottle is durable and reusable. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it an economical and eco-friendly choice in the laboratory.

    6. Excellent Temperature Tolerance

    The glass reagent bottle can withstand a wide range of temperature fluctuations, making it suitable for storing both hot and cold solutions. This feature ensures the stability of your samples, even under varying environmental conditions.

    7. Versatility in Dispensing Methods

    The wide mouth of the bottle allows for easy pouring and dispensing of liquids, facilitating accurate measurements and transfers. Researchers can use pipettes, burettes, or other dispensing equipment with ease, enhancing the precision of their experiments.

    8. Stackable Design for Organized Storage

    The uniform shape of the bottle enables easy stacking and organization in laboratory cabinets or shelves, optimizing storage space and maintaining a tidy workspace.

    9. Safe for Hazardous Chemicals

    When dealing with hazardous chemicals, safety is paramount. The glass material provides an extra layer of protection, reducing the risk of chemical accidents caused by incompatible plastic containers.

    10. Trusted in Research and Industry

    The 500ml glass reagent bottle with a blue screw cap has gained trust and recognition in both academic research and industrial settings. Its reliability and versatility have made it a staple tool in laboratories worldwide.

    Part 6.Package of 500ml Glass Reagent Bottle

    Aijiren offer customized partitions and boxes for secure shipping, project your liquid and product by using our top-rated corrugated boxes.There are many sizes of boxes and partitions available to ship your products by USPS or other carriers.As follow is the package of 
    500ml Glass Reagent Bottle.

    Part 7.5 Most FAQs About GL45 Glass Reagent Bottle

    1. Q: Why Choose Us ?

        A: Trust: With our expertise and trustworthiness we have earned a remarkable and reputed position in the market.
          Quality: We are dedicated to offer the best quality product to our clients and always make sure that the demands specified by them are accomplished.
          International Trading: We are engaged in international trading by the way of exporting products manufactured by us all over the world.
          Delivery: We ensure proper packaging along with labeling for the purpose of delivery of products throughout the globe on time.

    2. Q:  Can you do OEM service ?

         A: We can provide the specific products needed around the world at significantly lower costs. 
           Aijiren also offers a Private Labeling Program to provide high quality lab supplies at lower prices.
           If you need further information regarding our OEM or Private Label programs, please contact us freely.

    3. Q: How about the Delivery time?
       A: Samples: about 3-7 days.
           Mass order: about 25 days after receipt of 30% T/T deposit payment.

    4. Q: What about the shipping?
        A: We have strong cooperation with DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX, EMS, China Air Post.
           You also can choose your own shipping forwarder

    5. Q: Can i Get Some Sample?
        A: Of course,we are honored to send you our samples for free.But the Express fee need to paid by your esteemed company.

    Part 8.10 Application of 500ml Glass Reagent Bottle with Blue Screw Cap

    Application Description
    Chemical Storage Securely store various chemicals and reagents.
    Sample Collection Ideal for collecting samples in the field.
    Laboratory Reagents Suitable for storing common laboratory reagents.
    Stock Solutions Store prepared stock solutions for convenience.
    Organic Solvents Resistant to organic solvents for safe storage.
    Acidic and Basic Solutions Withstands corrosive properties of acids and bases.
    Long-Term Storage Suitable for preserving sensitive chemicals for long durations.
    Environmental Samples Collect and transport environmental samples securely.
    Quality Control Testing Store control samples for accurate quality assessment.
    Aseptic Applications Autoclavable for sterile storage of sensitive materials.

    All glass reagent bottle of Aijiren Tech are 100% integrity tested and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. If you have any requirement for 
    500ml Glass Reagent Bottle. Please contact with Aijiren.