Aijiren is honored to participate in 2016 Pittcon in US

Aijiren is honored to participate in 2016 Pittcon in US

Jun. 17th, 2020
The PITTCON Analytical Chemistry, Scientific Analysis and Laboratory Exhibition was founded in 1950 in the United States. It is organized by a non-profit academic organization in Pennsylvania, the United States, which is composed of the Pittsburgh Spectroscopy Society and the Analytical Chemistry Association. Rooted in analytical chemistry and spectroscopy, it has developed into a comprehensive exhibition. These include: analytical chemistry, spectroscopy, life sciences, pharmaceutical technology, quality assessment, food safety, environmental and biochemical protection, etc.
In addition to exhibitions, Pittcon 2016 also includes Pittcon conferences, technical research projects, and short courses, which will undoubtedly help the popularity of exhibitions.
4 reasons to participate in Pittcon:
Broaden product sales channels and meet with decision makers
Be the first to release new products and spread new technologies
Establish company awareness in the target market
Establish cooperative relations and increase the potential for exchange of products, services and information between enterprises.