Aijiren went to Russia in 2016 to participate in ZDRAVOOKHRANENIYE

Aijiren went to Russia in 2016 to participate in ZDRAVOOKHRANENIYE

Jun. 16th, 2020
The Russian International Medical, Diagnostic, Laboratory and Pharmaceutical, Rehabilitation Exhibition ZDRAVOOKHRANENIYE 'is the largest, most professional, and far-reaching medical exhibition in Russia. This exhibition has all the quality certificates of international exhibition organizations, such as UFI -International Exhibition Alliance , RUFF-Russia Exhibition Union certification.
Showcasing the most advanced technical equipment of the entire industry. The top companies in the industry will display and promote products on the spot.
Range of exhibition: 
(1) Biochemical instruments, medical analysis and diagnostic instruments, biopharmaceutical instruments, pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, protein/phthalide synthesis systems, molecular biology instruments, amino acid sequencers, DNA synthesizers, microplate readers, cell biology instruments , Biochemical engineering equipment, biotechnology equipment, fermentation equipment, extraction equipment, separation equipment, filtration equipment, sterilization equipment, purification equipment, detection and control equipment, liquid treatment equipment, pure water equipment, clean equipment and various consumables;
(2) Analytical Instruments Electronics and optical microscopes, electronic probes, optical analytical instruments, mass spectrometers, spectrometers, chromatographs, spectrometers, spectrometers, electrochemical analytical instruments, X-ray analytical instruments, thermal analytical instruments, various portable instruments , Surface analysis instruments, nuclear analysis instruments, elemental analysis instruments, process analysis instruments, composition analysis instruments, injection analysis instruments;
(3) Various types of scales, balances, weighing sensors, weighing display controllers and related testing instruments, meters, components, materials, etc. for laboratory equipment; laboratory furniture, laboratory instruments and equipment, laboratory automation and accessories, Optical instruments, electronic measuring instruments, multimeters, oscilloscopes, electronic probes, electronic simulation systems, single-chip development systems, image analysis and processing systems, test instruments and devices, calibration devices, measurement and weighing systems, chemical reagents, laboratory updates And transformation technology, consumables and related software;
(4) Industry-specific fields: chemical and petroleum equipment, electronic communication chemical fiber, aerospace, medical and health industry instruments, measurement testing, industrial quality control, material testing, material identification, etc.;
(5) Petrochemical instrument logging instrumentation, drilling instrumentation, oil production instrumentation, oil refining chemical instrumentation, other instrumentation, petroleum exploration equipment, petroleum seismic equipment, petroleum smelting equipment, petroleum transportation equipment, other petroleum equipment, radar moisture Instruments, special transformers, high-temperature semiconductors, high-temperature precision resistors, electronic circuit software, drilling leakage alarm equipment, dead rope fixtures, radiation detection instrument spokes, level measuring instruments, thermal watercolor heating boilers, fuel gas boilers, pressure vessels, Motor protector, oil special valve measurement test, various physical testing machines, chemical and petroleum instruments, electronic measuring instruments, measurement and weighing systems, industrial instruments;
(6) Clinical test reagents, in vitro diagnostic reagents, rapid diagnostic reagents, electrolyte reagents, blood cell reagents, blood coagulation reagents, blood group kits, blood lipid reagents, biochemical reagents, chemiluminescent reagents, dry chemical test paper, chlamydia, detection reagents, protein detection reagents 、Infectious disease detection reagents, tumor marker reagents, allergy diagnostic reagents, human gene detection reagents, immunohistochemistry and human tissue cell reagents, biochips, vitamin determination reagents, cell histochemical stains, autoimmune diagnostic reagents, microorganisms Diagnostic reagents such as scientific test reagents.