How to Preserve Valuable Samples?
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How to Preserve Valuable Samples?

Jul. 31st, 2020
Many customers are faced with this problem, want to use automatic sample sample sampling, but the sample is too precious, only a small number of samples can be tested, at this time 2 ml of HPLC Vials for testing analysis is also too large capacity, in the face of customer confusion, we recommend the use of HPLC Vials Micro-insert.
HPLC Vial Micro-insert provide by Aijiren come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Aijiren offers three different types of HPLC Vial Micro-insert, one is 300uL Flat Bottom's HPLC Vial Micro-inserts, one is 250uL Conical Micro-inserts, and the other is 250uL Micro-with Insert Mandrel Interior and Polymer Feet.
Typically, Aijiren recommends that you buy the Micro-Insert With Mandrel Interior and Polymer feet because the feet of the HPLC Vial Micro-insert hold Micro-insert swaying easily and the softness guarantees the sealing of The Micro-insert and HPLC Vial Closures.
Typically, the outer diameter of the HPLC Vial Micro-insert is 5 or 6 mm, so choose a vial size that can accommodate the insert. Vials with an outer diameter of 11 mm, 10 mm, or 9 mm can accommodate inserts of either size, while vials with an outer diameter of 8 mm can only use inserts with an outer diameter of 5 mm.
Another option is to use vials where inserts are already fused. This convenience eliminates the need to assemble vials and inserts before use. If the amount of samples is limited, consider using inserts for chromatography vials.Hopefully this article will help you, Aijiren will always be trying to help with your chromatography analysis, if you would like to purchase Micro-insert, please contact Aijiren.