What are the HPLC Vial Micro-inserts?
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What are the HPLC Vial Micro-inserts?

Jul. 31st, 2020
Many customers know that HPLC Vials, Caps, septas and Micro-inserts can form a complete body for automatic sampling, but many customers don't understand what Micro-insert does.This article will explain exactly what Aijiren's Micro-insert is and how to use it, let's start.

The Importance of Micro-Inserts in HPLC Vials

When the number of samples to be tested and the need to use an autosampler, the capacity of 2ml HPLC Vial is a bit too large, then we need Micro-insert, which is a very cost-effective solution. Most autosamplers have a set depth, the autosample needle is inserted into the HPLC Vial without touching the bottom, Micro-insert can deepen the depth of the sample, and the small number of dozens of samples can be completed.

3 CommonTypes of HPLC Vials Micro-Inserts Offered by Aijiren

Aijiren provides three types of HPLC Vials Micro-inserts, each with unique features to cater to different requirements:

These Micro-inserts have a flat and cylindrical bottom, offering the largest capacity.
Ideal for samples with larger volumes.

b) Conical Glass Micro-Inserts:
The tapered bottom of these inserts provides a smaller micro-insert capacity.
Enables higher recovery rates for samples.

c) Micro-Inserts with Mandrel Interior and Polymer Feet:
Micro-insert with Mandrel Interior and Polymer Feet's feet can hold Micro-insert. It also makes the HPLC Vials a stronger seal.Aijiren offers three types of HPLC Vials Micro-insert. To choose the right HPLC Vials Micro-insert for your needs. The flat-bottomed Micro-insert has the largest capacity, the bottom is flat and cylindrical.

3 Advantages of HPLC Inserts: Unleashing Their Potential

HPLC inserts, including micro vial inserts, offer numerous advantages that help advance analytical chemistry. Let's examine some key benefits associated with using these inserts for HPLC analysis

1. Increased Precision and Accuracy
HPLC inserts feature precise designs and dimensions to provide accurate and reproducible results, while micro vial inserts minimize sample loss during injection for precise quantitative analysis. Their tight-fitting nature means minimal sample loss during injection and ensures all sample volume reaches the analytical column without being lost during wasteful sample wastage, eliminating inaccuracies caused by sample wastage as well as providing increased precision when conducting quantitative analyses with lower concentration analytes. Furthermore, using HPLC inserts enhances detection methods enabling precise analysis even of low concentration analytes with greater accuracy.

2. Enhancing Sample Integrity
One of the greatest challenges associated with HPLC analysis is maintaining sample integrity during its processing. HPLC inserts play an essential role in maintaining sample integrity by limiting contact between samples and vial surfaces; thus preventing analyte adsorption, degradation, or contamination and providing consistent and reliable results. Likewise, inert materials used in HPLC insert construction such as glass or special polymers provide ideal environments to preserve samples for analysis.

3. Compatibility with Autosamplers
Autosamplers have become a mainstay in modern analytical laboratories, providing fast sample introduction and injection. HPLC inserts have been specifically developed to fit seamlessly into autosamplers for seamless sample introduction and injection; their compatibility allows efficient workflow, reduces manual handling costs, increases overall efficiency and allows analysts to leverage micro vial inserts across different HPLC setups for greater flexibility and convenience of use.


6 Vital Factors to Consider when Selecting the HPLC/GC Vial Insert?

1.Compatibility: Make sure that the vial insert you purchase is compatible with the HPLC or GC system you are using, by consulting its specifications and requirements provided by its manufacturer. To do so effectively.

2.Consider Sample Volume:
When selecting vial inserts for your samples, keep their volume in mind. There are various capacities available so select one which best meets the size and volume needs of your samples - flat-bottomed inserts generally offer higher capacities while conical ones may work for smaller volumes.

3.Recovery Rates: When considering sample recovery as an essential element, be mindful of how recovery rates vary across vial insert types. Conical glass inserts have higher recovery rates due to their tapered shape.

4.Sealing Capability:
The sealing capability of vial inserts is paramount to protecting samples against leakage or contamination, which means their features like polymer feet or other seal mechanisms must ensure an airtight seal to guarantee sample security.

5.Vial Size: When selecting an HPLC/GC vial insert, be mindful of its size. There are various diameter options available that should fit perfectly within different vial sizes - you should ensure that it satisfies both outer diameter and capacity requirements of your specific vial.

6.Application Requirements: Be mindful of any special or unique applications you need the insert for. Certain insert types may be more appropriate for special analyses or sensitive samples; to make an informed choice, consult experts or relevant literature.

What Others Aijiren can Offer for You

In addition, you also have to consider the size of the automatic sample bottle. Aijiren's 8-425 HPLC Vials can only be used for Micro-inserts with an outer diameter of 5mm and a capacity of 150/250uL. Aijiren produces 9mm, 10mm and 11mm HPLC Vials with micro Insert with an outer diameter of 6-7mm.If you need to purchase Micro-insert, please leave a message on our website or contact our online customer service and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What to Pay Attention to

Pay attention to the diverse range and functional significance of HPLC Vial Micro-inserts, which are essential components that enhance sample handling capabilities, improve recovery rates, and enable efficient automated sampling processes in High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) analysis.

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