What kind of 2ml Clear Glass Vials does Aijiren have?
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What kind of 2ml Clear Glass Vials does Aijiren have?

Sep. 1st, 2020
2ml Clear Glass Vials provided by Aijiren. 2ml clear glass vials Regularly used auto-moving sampler, causative body, small amount tester, non-testing solution, quick-moving progress measurement, low-probability preparation process, intermediate time.
There are several types of 2ml Clear Glass Vials produced by Aijiren, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm diameter vial. And 11mm is divided into Snap Top and Crimp Top bottles with neck patterns. The most commonly used and best-selling one is the 9mm 2ml Clear Glass Vials, because it can be compatible with various brands of Autosampler.
Generally speaking, we recommend that you purchase the matching 2ml Clear Glass Vials according to your own Autosampler model, but if you have special samples, you can also purchase according to the type of sample. You can also choose according to operating habits, such as whether to have a label area, whether to have a scale, whether to customize a logo etc.
Aijiren purchased high-quality materials for the 2ml Clear Glass Vials to make the Caps. The Screw Cap and Snap Cap is made of PP and the Crimp Cap is made of Aluminum. It is easy to seal and wrap the vial mouth under the action of the Hand Crimper.
Aijiren is a well-known supplier of laboratory chromatography consumables in China, especially Aijiren also has its own bottle manufacturing plant and overseas agents. This scale is different from ordinary suppliers. Choose Aijiren and choose to rest assured.