How to Choose 250ml Reagent Bottle?
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How to Choose 250ml Reagent Bottle?

Sep. 22nd, 2020
When we mentioned the 250ml Reagent Bottle, do you think about bottles of different shapes? Under the 250ml volume scale, there are indeed many reagent bottles to choose from. The most common 250ml Reagent Bottle is plastic and glass. 250ml glass reagent bottle with screw cap is active demand bottle.
250ml Reagent Bottle used in the laboratory or otherwise used to store chemicals should not be used to store food or beverages. The 250ml Reagent Bottle is mainly used in laboratories. The 250ml Reagent Bottle provided by Aijiren are brand new, but they may contain white residue from the neck grinding and stopper process, so they should always be cleaned before use.
250ml Reagent Bottle usually have two colors: clear and amber. Transparent reagent bottles are ideal for displaying items, and amber reagent bottles can protect items from light. Aijiren provides reagent bottles ranging in volume from 25ml to 2L, and the larger ones can be used to store preserved biological specimens in the laboratory.
Since glass expands and contracts with changes in temperature, must be taken Care when heating and cooling reagent bottles. When the reagent bottle is heated, the neck of reagent bottle expands. The 250ml Reagent Bottlecan withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees Celsius. If it is higher than this temperature, the plastic cover is at risk of melting.
250ml Reagent Bottle is supplied in wholesale price, no matter how much you need. If you want to know more information about reagent bottle, please contact our business manager.