20ml GC Vial for Sale by Aijiren Manufacturer

20ml GC Vial for Sale by Aijiren Manufacturer

May. 15th, 2020
20ml GC Vial is widely application to Gas chromatography system. In the market, we always see transparent(clear) or brown (mainly used to avoid light) color GC vial. 20ml GC Vial should be packaged in ultra-clean working environment/packaging, specific packaging materials to reduce pollution.
20ml GC Vial is offered in clear and Amber color.20ml GC amber vial is used for avoiding exposure of sensitive samples from UV light. The graduation on the 20ml GC Vial are useful for sample identification information. The autosampler vials can be suitably employed to inject samples from an autosampler.
20ml GC Vial for sale is supplied by Aijiren manufacturer. The integrity, cleanliness, and uniformity of 20ml GC Vial are critical to today’s demanding applications. Ajiren offers  20ml GC Vial, which often used with GC  system, such as famous instrument Agilent, Shimadzu, and Waters and other instrument.
20ml GC Vial for sale can be distinguish to screw top and crimp top by the 20ml GC Vial mouth. From GC vial bottom, there are flat-bottom and round-bottom. 20ml flat-bottom GC vials are suitable for downward movement when the instrument is running. Flat-mouth GC vials have a large contact area with the septa and tighter seal.
20ml GC Vial for sale is in wholesale price. Aijiren is the largest GC vial manufacturer, so all of the GC vial can be available in free sample to test. If you want to purchase 20ml GC Vial, welcome to inquiry us.