18mm Screw GC Headspace Vial for Sale

18mm Screw GC Headspace Vial for Sale

May. 14th, 2020
18mm Screw GC Headspace Vial is common element for each GC instrument. Sample handling in the overhead space is a convenient and fast sample pretreatment method in gas chromatography. In headspace analysis, the selection of sample vial is also critical. 
The volume of 18mm Screw GC Headspace Vial is 10ml and 20ml. Aijiren can supply those Screw GC Headspace Vial for sale. Screw GC Headspace Vial are convenient and do not require tools to seal. Round bottom Screw GC Headspace Vial are compatible with most autosampler instrument. 
18mm Screw GC Headspace Vial Tin-plated metal caps are compatible with magnetic transport autosamplers. The autosampler instrument can easily to capture. Multiple turn threading maintains a tight seal through extreme heating cycles. Air tightness is an important characteristic to test the performance of Screw GC Headspace Vial.
Screw GC Headspace Vial cap design is sometimes not very convenient on the opening, how to facilitate the opening of the cap, but also to ensure that the bottle seal, is important. Only by paying attention to the appearance of the bottle cap, can there be more changes in the area of the bottle cap.
18mm screw Screw GC Headspace Vial for sale is supplied by Aijiren manufacturer. Buy 18mm Screw GC Headspace Vial, please inquiry Aijiren.