2ml Clear Autosampler Vials for Hplc Testing for Sale

2ml Clear Autosampler Vials for Hplc Testing for Sale

May. 30th, 2020
Our 2ml Clear Autosampler Vials for autosampler are constructed from type 33 and type 51 COE borosilicate glass, with low metal content, to protect your sample from destabilizing or leaching. By choosing our caps and septa, you provide your sample with a the best containment solution available.

Controlled manufacturing environment quality and service have won the trust of customers; high-quality materials are used in the septum of the autosampler vial to ensure proper function, and it is widely used in multiple injections and/or longer sampling cycle designs as well as gas chromatography and liquid chromatography instrument.
Product Features of 2ml Clear Autosampler Vials :
1.The precise processing of bottleneck to enable mechanical arm to operate efficiently.
2.Suitable for Agilent, AB Sciex, Brukers, Techcomp, PerkinElmer, ThermoScientifics, Shimadzu, Waters, CTC autosampler and other rotating or robotic arm samplers.
3.Larger opening than standard narrow opening vials by 40%,  prevents syringe problems
4.The special thread design ensures a consistent seal.
5.Clear vial, 33 Expansion borosilicate glass USP Type I, Class A
For screw thread vials, a two part number is assigned. For example,2ml Clear Autosampler Vials neck finish represents a vial with a diameter of 9 mm across the outside of the threads and a thread style of 425. Screw thread vials and caps are more expensive than crimp seals.
Aijiren offers proven autosampler vials and consumables for the chromatographer. Meeting the requirements of customers’ demands, Aijiren offers sample vials designed to allow more reliable transfer of samples from the prep lab to the autosampler.
So any requirement about 2ml Clear Autosampler Vials,please contact Aijiren Tech.