1.5ml 9mm Clear Screw Hplc Vials with Writing Space for Sale

1.5ml 9mm Clear Screw Hplc Vials with Writing Space for Sale

May. 31st, 2020
The 1.5ml 9mm Clear Screw Hplc Vials can be suitably employed to inject samples from an autosampler. They come in variety of sized, 2 mL vials being ubiquitously used. Autosampler needle pierces through the cap during injection and withdraws the required amounts of analyte from the vial. 
These 1.5ml 9mm Clear Screw Hplc Vials are the preferred choice for modern autosamplers. With a focus on improved sample security and integrity, we now offer innovative 9mm closures and 9mm screw top vials for consistent productivity on every separation.
High-Quality Vial - 1.5ml 9mm Clear Screw Hplc Vials made of low extractable borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class A requirements. 
The 1.5ml 9mm Clear Screw Hplc Vials we usually say is the 2ml volume sample vial. The design of Aijiren screw thread top vials are developed from Europe and the United States, and the design feature is easy to use, especially the use of automated sample introduction system. Aijiren screw thread top vials also known as autosampler vials.
Aijiren offers the closures and septa you need for your sample, with a wide variety of septa material options available. The unique Dispenser maintains closure and septa, and helps reduce handling of the packaging.
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