2ml Crimp Autosampler Vial with Insert in Wholesale Price

2ml Crimp Autosampler Vial with Insert in Wholesale Price

Jun. 24th, 2020
2ml Crimp Autosampler Vial is depending on the filling volume. We differentiate between standard 2ml crimp autosampler vials and micro-vials which either have an interior or exterior volume reducing shape. Alternatively you can of course also use inserts to reduce the volume inside a vial, in order to create ideal conditions for sample removal.
2ml Crimp Autosampler Vial with insert is larger and wider mouth than 9mm screw sample vial. 2ml crimp autosampler vials have approximately a 40% wider mouth opening than standard opening vials. The large opening reduces the risk of bent autosampler needles during sampling. 
2ml Crimp Autosampler Vial is wide opening sample vials, so it is easier to fill. Fit most autosamplers, which 2ml Crimp Autosampler Vial accommodate the 11.6x32mm vial format. Superior quality 33 expansion borosilicate clear glass Type 1, Class A or 51A amber glass. Uniformly flat bottom for security with inserts. There are 2ml crimp autosampler vial with graduation or without graduation to be choose.
Aijiren 2ml Crimp Autosampler Vial need 11mm crimp finish require aluminum seal closures. Crimp aluminum cap is better seal than screw cap and snap cap. And crimp cap can high temperature resistance. But 2ml crimp autosampler vial need tool to seal the vial. So it maybe increase your cost.
Aijiren is 2ml Crimp Autosampler Vial manufacturer. If you want to buy 2ml Crimp Autosampler Vial, you can get it in wholesale price by Aijiren. Welcome to inquiry.