The Design Feature of 2ml Autosampler Vial

The Design Feature of 2ml Autosampler Vial

Jun. 24th, 2020
About 2ml Autosampler Vial, you can distinguish from the vial mouth. There are screw, crimp and snap mouth in Common. These three vial types cover almost all chromatography vial types. The design of the three vial has different characteristics. According to the characteristics of the experimental reagents, select the right bottle mouth to maximize the resources.
When choosing a 2ml Autosampler Vial, the vial material is of paramount importance. Extremely high inertness: The inertness of the sample vial can reduce the peak variability of the analyte. At the same time, use of aijiren quality autosampler vial ensure optimal performance throughout the lifetime of your system.
2ml Autosampler Vial allows for samples to be taken in the field and directly analyzed on the HPLC analysis. without having to transfer the sample into another vial, streamlining the sampling process and increasing your productivity. The 2ml Autosampler Vial is designed for a guaranteed fit.
Because glass expands and contracts with changes in temperature, care must be taken when 2ml Autosampler Vial is used in GC system. When a 2ml autosampler vial is heated, the neck expands, allowing the tapered stopper to drop farther into the vial. It will contaminate the sample.
2ml Autosampler Vial is R&D by Aijiren. Now, Aijiren 2ml Autosampler Vial can be seen in 132 countries’ laboratory. Choose 2ml Autosampler Vial, Choose Aijiren.