2ml Screw Vial on Stock for Sale from China

2ml Screw Vial on Stock for Sale from China

May. 9th, 2020
These 2ml Screw Vials are the preferred option for modern automated sampling. With a focus on improving sample safety and safety, we now offer innovative 9mm closures and 9mm overhead comparisons for consistent productivity in each season.
Standard spiral open bottles are made of borslikat glass and have a maximum filling size of 1.8 ml.
Aijiren offers a wide range of 11.6 x 32 mm glass and plastic bottles and industry inserts and closures. 9 mm screw thread vials(2ml Screw Vials) are the preferred option for modern robotic robotic sampling. 11mm crease top, 11mm crease/snap, 8-425 spiral thread vials are available as individual components as well as comfort kits that include flasks, hats and barriers.
A wide range of closures and limited-size entries complement the product offer. Cap/Septa of the best quality provides immobility for a wide range of2ml Screw Vials use. Septa comes with an earlier tuning option, plain and bonded to work on different car samples.
HPLC automatic sample bottles are generally collected depending on the diameter of the vial, the height of the vial, and the end of the thread. Both transparent glass and amber glass are extremely inert. Amber glass helps avoid UV exposure and thus protect samples of a sensitive nature. Vials are primarily used to inject samples from the collector. Sold in several sizes, although the use of 2ml Screw Vials are generally used.

Any requirement about 2ml Screw Vials,please contact with us right now.For lab consumables Aijiren Tech is professional.