Screw Headspace Vial Manufacturer Supply GC vial to Choose

Screw Headspace Vial Manufacturer Supply GC vial to Choose

May. 9th, 2020
Screw Headspace Vial is made of Borosilicate Glass, the ductility of Screw Headspace Vial is good and it can high temperature resistance. About Screw Headspace Vial color, it has amber and clear (transparent). Please choose the Screw Headspace Vial color, according the sample sensitization of light.
Comparing with crimp headspace vial, Screw Headspace Vial is easy to seal. Without any tools, you can seal the Screw Headspace Vial before sample injection. 10ml Screw Headspace Vial size is 22.5x46mm, 20ml Screw Headspace Vial size is 22.5x75mm. According to injection volume, 10ml and 20ml are available.
Aijiren is one of the largest Screw Headspace Vial manufacturer in south of China, the Screw Headspace Vial is supplied in wholesale price. The Screw Headspace Vial meet or exceed OEM specifications to ensure autosampler compatibility. Compatible with Varian, Agilent, Shimadzu, Perkinelmer and so on.
Screw Headspace Vial is packaged 100pcs/pack. The aluminum screw caps of headspace vial is package in plastic bag, 100pcs/pack. Of course, Aijiren can supply 17.5x1.3mm septa, which compatible with this vial.
As one of the largest Screw Headspace Vial manufacturer, Aijiren strictly control the raw material of Screw Headspace Vial to ensure Screw Headspace Vial quality. Aijiren have R&D department to update Screw Headspace Vial in time. If you want to purchase Screw Headspace Vial in wholesale price, please inquiry Aijiren business manager.