9-425 Screw Autosampler Vial Current Situation

9-425 Screw Autosampler Vial Current Situation

Jun. 8th, 2020
With the development of science and technology, Laboratory analyte is becoming more diverse. Therefore, the efficiency of the experiment is put forward higher requirements. Automation is also gradually being applied to experiments. During the sample treatment progress, many steps are often combined into one step. 9-425 Screw Autosampler Vial is the product of this time.
9-425 Screw Autosampler Vial is needed with new laboratory analysis way. Complete sample digestion is a prerequisite for achieving reproducible and accurate analytical results for geological samples. In the method of analyzing the composition of analyte, chromatography analysis stands out as time-sensitive. 
9-425 Screw Autosampler Vial is widely used in chromatography analysis. Compared to the common thread bottle, the 9-425 Screw Autosampler Vial is much smaller in appearance, so the capacity is only 1.5-2 ml. The 9-425 Screw Autosampler Vial is made from borosilicate glass. During the experiment, 9-425 Screw Autosampler Vial rarely precipitated, avoiding the appearance of impurity peaks.
9-425 Screw Autosampler Vial can be compatible to most instruments. There are many automatic sample vial on the market,  but only 9-425 Screw Autosampler Vial are fully compatible with a wide range of instrument. Currently, 9-425 Screw Autosampler Vial is the largest in the field of autosampler vial. When buy autosampler vial, be sure to pay attention to the model of the instrument.
9-425 Screw Autosampler Vial is produced by Aijiren manufacturer. This 9-425 Screw Autosampler Vial can be compatible to Agilent, Shimadzu, Waters, Thermo fisher and so on. Welcome to inquiry.
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