HPLC Sample Vial Septa Introduce

HPLC Sample Vial Septa Introduce

Jun. 5th, 2020
HPLC sample Vial septa is one of the most important part in chromatography consumable. Most experimenter only pay more attention on sample pretreatment, sample vial, chromatography instrument maintaining and so on. But they often overlook the importance of the sample vial septa. In this article, you will know more about sample vial septa.
HPLC sample Vial septa compatibility or chemical resistance with the sample and solvent is the main consideration element. In general, sample vial septa has poor repeatability making it unsuitable for multiple injections. For layered septa such as PTFE/silicone, if the sample has chemical and solvent specification, so the chemical resistance of silicone should be considered when using these septa. 
The thicker the facings on the seal is the better at the resealability, but it compromises the ability of the autosampler needle to pierce the septum. Sample and septa interaction can lead to sample degradation or the appearance of ghost peaks in the chromatogram analysis. PTFE is the most inert resistance material in septa. The septa insert will be damaged until the septum is punctured.
HPLC sample Vial septa is the important element in laboratory. Septa seal can provide  complete flow path, which is engineered with iron-free, bio inert materials, helping your lab extend the lifetime of your instrument and maintain optimal bioseparations performance.
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