Application of Headspace vial in Gas chromatography

Application of Headspace vial

Dec. 30th, 2019
The matrix of complex samples is not easy to be directly analyzed and identified, unless the sample extraction liquid or preparation is used, but those methods will be very time-consuming and resource-consuming! So using the gas chromatography method to detect, through high temperature heating top headspace vial directly to capture the sample gas, this is the best choice. This analytical method allows the sample to be placed directly in the headspace vial for heating analysis without any preparation, saving time and money.

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GC headspace technology is used to analyze experiments after gasification of volatile organic solids and liquid samples. In recent years, the popularity of this technology has been recognized by laboratories around the world, especially for the analysis of alcohol, blood, pharmaceutical products in the detection of organic solvent residues. Other common applications include industrial analysis, gas and plastic gases in polymers and plastics, flavor compounds in beverages and foods, and volatile testing of substances such as perfumes and cosmetics.
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