Attention, Tips of headspace sampler in gas chromatograph

Attention, Tips of headspace sampler in gas chromatograph

Dec. 18th, 2019
Tip of GS intrument
1. The carrier gas entering the headspace sampler enters gas chromatograph, at the same time. So the gas used for headspace sampler should also be purified;
2. Headspace vial heating temperature, quantitative tube temperature, transmission line temperature should be heated from small to large; The temperature of transmission line is equal or less than the temperature of the injection port.
3. Temperature setting should not be too high, avoiding to damage the headspace autosampler. It will shorten the service life.
4. Non-volatile and less volatile sample should not be measured by the headspace autossampler method;
5. Because of the headspace autosampler uniting the gas chromatograph, it is necessary to pay attention to unification parameters of the gas chromatography instrument, such as the temperature of vaporization chamber is higher than temper temperature. In order to facilitate the vaporization of sample.

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