Common faults and solutions for gas chromatography and 20ml headspace vial for sale

Common faults and solutions for gas chromatography

Dec. 18th, 2019
1. When there are 555 or 000 on headspace autosampler screen; all temperature control components do not heat; the sample program does not work, blow-wash key does not respond, That can be judged to be temperature-blocking circuit or short circuit, please contact manufacturer and replace the temperature resistance.
2. The headspace sampler does not heat up. Because the heater of the corresponding component break down or the temperature is too low. Adjusted air conditioning temperature to 15℃
3. The chromatographic peak system abnormally smaller or repeatable variation (chromatographer work condition is normal), It can be judged that the headspace autosampler system leakage, Contact manufacturer to repair;
4. Abnormal noise appears in the sample process, may be sampling pump shock absorber ring damage or the solenoid valve wire pack abnormal, Please replace shock absorbing ring, immediately.
5. When the blow-washing valve is unopened, the gas comes out from sampling needle. maybe blow-cleaning solenoid valve divulge, Please contact manufacturer to replace.

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