Be care, when you used headspace vial

Be care, when you used headspace vial

Jan. 2nd, 2020
In order to achieve the desired performance with the headspace GC, be care to sample preparation and instrument settings. Headspace vial and lids are a very important and often overlooked element. To ensure preparation for the headspace analysis at the top of the space, make sure to use the correct headspace vial and lid
headspace vial lid

Volume of vial
The headspace vial can be used in volume of 6ml, 10ml and 20 ml. The use of a standard sample vial to ensure adequate top space, this must meet the standard ratio. Of course, the sample must be no over-diluted. The reserved capacity after the comparison should normally be at least 50% of the sample volume.

Vial bottom

There is a difference between a round or a flat bottom in headspace vial. Both types of headspace vial are suitable for inject sample. But round-bottomed vial tend to be stronger in terms of storage and sampling. So the work is more reliable should be the automatic sampler of the round bottom headspace vial. Round bottom headspace vial also tend to withstand higher pressure and more suitable compatibility with applications such as temperature rise and derivation. 

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