How much do you know about the headspace vial and lid?

How much do you know about the headspace vial and lid?

Jan. 2nd, 2020
Headspace vial can hold 6-60ml of liquid products, There are screw thread mouth vial and crimp mouth vial. Screw Thread headspace vial is equipped with screw thread aluminum lid and butyl or silicone pad.

headspace vial pad

Butyl heaspace vial pad
is generally used for medicinal packaging, with a single composition, good chemical stability, non-toxic tasteless advantages; silicone headspace vial pads are generally used in more corrosive products, with advantage of high corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, no harm to the human body.

headspace vial with amber and clear

The headspace vial color is divided into amber and clear, Amber color can avoid light, Amber headspace vial is made of molded way of production, wall thickness, mechanical ability is good and it is not easy to break.

Aijiren is one of largest headspace vial and lid manufacturer in south of China. 6ml Amber crimp headspace vial and 20ml clear screw headspace vial are for sale. Aijiren headspace vial and lid can be delivered in 48 hours and all product are in whole price.
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