Certified 2ml Amber Vials with Crimp Top for Agilent Autosampler

Certified 2ml Amber Vials with Crimp Top for Agilent Autosampler

Jul. 24th, 2020
Certified 2ml Amber Vials squeeze the septum between the edge of the glass vial and the crimped aluminum cap. This forms an excellent seal to prevent evaporation. The septum remains fixed during piercing with the autosampler needle. Crimp cap vials require crimping tools to perform the sealing process.
Amber glass vials are ideal for storing samples that are sensitive to exposure. Transparent glass vials are ideal for testing the solubility or dispersibility of the material, allowing for a field of view that does not interfere with the solution. Our vials are available in sizes of 2 ml, 4 ml, 20 ml and 40 ml. Each pack contains 100 septum-backed caps, plus 100 glass vials.Certified 2ml Amber Vials is the most using vials at chromatography analysis testing.
Threaded vials and Certified 2ml Amber Vials are typically used in LC applications, but crimping vials are common in GC labs. Although the 8-425 thread is the original screw vial, it is possible to pipet while maintaining autosampler compatibility, so we recommend 9mm threads for most customers.
Certified 2ml Amber Vials are manufactured from type 1 borosilicate glass, or polypropylene, available in transparent or amber. You need crimpers and decappas. Ideal for long-term storage. Deactivation and MS certification are also available.

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