Cheap 2ml Amber Vials with Screw Top for Sale from China

Cheap 2ml Amber Vials with Screw Top for Sale from China

Jul. 27th, 2020
These 2ml Amber Vials are the right choice for the latest autosamplers. With a focus on improving sample security and integrity, we offer innovative 9mm closures and 9mm screw top vials for consistent productivity in all isolations. The threaded vials of the standard opening are made from borosilicate glass and have a maximum filling volume of 2 ml.
2mL standard opening vial. The standard 2ml Amber Vials are 12 mm in diameter, 32 mm high and 4.6 mm in opening. The screw size of this vial is 8-425. Selection of transparent or amber glass.
2ml Amber Vials is a practical packaging solution for sample size health, beauty and pharmaceuticals. Glass screw cap vials are opaque and do not undergo chemical leaching, so the product remains pure. Applications of screw cap vials. Use a glass screw cap vial to package the sample product or use it as a full-size product packaging option.
Aijiren 2ml Amber Vials are used for collection, storage, and transport procedures. The range of material manufacturing and capacity options allows users to tailor based on content and process requirements. Non-sterile or sterile vials are available in amber, white, or transparent, transparent, as seen without difficulty.

Please contact with Aijiren. If you have any requirement for 2ml Amber Vials.We have focusing on chromatography consumables producing over 15+ years.