How to choose chromatography vial, accroding to the size

How to choose chromatography vial's size

Sep. 25th, 2019

How to choose chromatography vial, accroding to the size?

To meet different needs, chromatography sample vials are available in a variety of sizes. Standard vial sizes include 8x40mm (1mL), 15x45mm (4mL) and 12x32mm (2mL). The user can also select a vial with a normal (4 mm) opening or a wide (6 mm) opening, depending on the type of chromatography vial's caps.
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If your sample is introduction via a robotic arm (R.A.M.) by capture, the chromatography vial must choose a non-standard 9 mm vial cap. In some time, the sample which is inspected is little and rarity, so the high recovery chromatography vial and micro-insert must be chosen. Depending on the use or preference, the micro-insert of this chromatography vial may be attached to the vial or removable.
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