Aijiren Have Many Years of Experience in the Supply of various chromatography consumables

Aijiren Have Many Years' Experience in Chromatography consumables

Jul. 16th, 2019
We accept our product catalogue or similar product processing commissions not published on the website, to provide you with “one-on-one” customized processing services to solve the special needs of customers' laboratories. The scope of the commission includes various sample vials, chromatographic vials and related consumables, glass bottles, plastics, rubber, product packaging, etc., which are related to biological and chemical laboratory applications.

◆We have many years of experience in the supply of various products in the laboratory and the production technology of the products. At the same time, we have a good supply cooperation relationship with many domestic and foreign manufacturers of equipment and consumables. In recent years, the laboratory products required for the international market are showing a diversified and special development trend. Therefore, better meeting the experimental needs of customers has become an inevitable way of development. In this context, our company will give full play to the rich technical experience accumulated over the years and cooperate with the existing product technology foundation to create and meet all aspects of customer needs. The scope of processing is as follows
◆Control glass products series (do not accept molding bottle processing): glass reagent bottles, chromatography sample bottles, sub-bottles, vials, special material glass, special size sample bottles, plastic sample bottles...
◆ Bottle accessory products: silicone composite Teflon gasket, molded rubber composite Teflon gasket, synthetic rubber composite Teflon gasket, special metal cover, plastic cover of different colors, polypropylene cover, polyethylene cover, Polycarbonate cover
◆Rubber seal sampling pad: silicone pad, butyl pad, medicinal butyl pad, nitrile pad, fluoro rubber pad, natural rubber pad, EPDM rubber pad, high temperature resistant pad, molded rubber pad

Privacy Policy
◆ Under any circumstance, our company will strictly implement the confidentiality policy to ensure that the information or data provided by you will never be leaked out.
◆ If necessary, our company can also prepare a “Non-Disclosure Agreement” for you.