GC application in deterimination of boiling point

Gas Chromatography application for determination of Boiling Point

Jan. 17th, 2020
This document describes a procedure for the determination of the boiling point range in a consumer product to identify low vapor pressure-volatile organic compound (LVP-VOC) The Regulation states that compounds having an initial boiling point greater than 216ºC are exempt from the definition of "volatile organic compounds" (VOC). "Standard Test Method for Boiling Range Distribution of Petroleum Fractions by Gas Chromatography".

Sample Gas and Reagent

Helium: Grade 5 for gas chromatography.
Hydrogen: Grade 5 or Whatman Hydrogen generator.
Compressed Air, Purified.
Carbon Disulfide, Reagent Grade.
Calibration Standard: accurately weigh the contents of a 1 ml amber vial of ASTM D 2887 Quantitative Calibration Mixture (Supelco ASTM D2887, or equiv.) into a tared 8 mL vial. Record the weight of the calibration standard.
Reference Oil: Pipette 500 μl of Reference Gas Oil Sample Reference Gas Oil into a GC vial with a 500μL glass insert. The reference oil is ready for analysis.