Some Factors that affect the headspace result

Some Factors that affect the headspace result

Jan. 7th, 2020
Sample preparation: Although the headspace requirements for the sample preparation are very low, there are still some steps that can affect sensitivity and precision.

GC sample prepare

Samples performed for headspace GC analysis contain volatile substances, so avoid the loss of such substances when performing sample. Filling the headspace vial with samples avoids volatile losses. Before sampling from the sample container, a blow-out of the headspace vial and transmission line is required.

The volume ratio of the gas and liquid in the headspace vial is a parameter that affects sensitivity.
As the sample volume increases, the area becomes smaller. As a result, large samples can reduce the loss of volatile substances during transmission, resulting in better precision.
For those samples with a high distribution ratio in water, the distribution ratio can be reduced by adding salt. On the other hand, for non-water-soluble samples such as soil, non-water-soluble organic matter can be driven into the gas phase by adding water.