High Quality 2ml Hplc Vials with Screw Top Cap for Sale

High Quality 2ml Hplc Vials with Screw Top Cap for Sale

Jul. 14th, 2020
Our 2ml Hplc Vials are certified sample vials for automatic samplers are made of TYPE 33 and Type 51 COE boric acid glass with low metal content to prevent sample instability or leaching. By selecting our caps and cushions, you can provide the best sealing solution for your samples.
In addition, it is suitable for high-precision laboratories with high requirements. Complete size and perfect service continue to win a good reputation. Other accessories such as caps, spacers and standard certified automatic sample bottles are provided free of charge. Aijiren offers three types of products, such as screw tops, crimp tops and 2ml Hplc Vials.
The Aijiren 2ml Hplc Vials is made of vanadium boric acid glass and meets international standards. From start to finish, it is subject to quality control, and we also perform chromatographic performance testing of silicone rubber spacers to ensure the highest standards of purity are met and to eliminate impurity contamination and possible analytical errors.
Aijiren Tech 2ml Hplc Vials and caps are ideal for most standard HPLC and GC applications as well as high-throughput analysis. These high-quality autosampler sample bottles and caps provide consistent results for your standard and high-throughput pharmaceutical, environmental and food and beverage applications.

So if there have any requirement about 2ml Hplc Vials,please contact with AijirenTech.