The Factory of 1.5ml HPLC Vial and Cap

The Factory of 1.5ml HPLC Vial and Cap

Jul. 10th, 2020
Aijiren is the factory of 1.5ml HPLC Vial and Cap. Its product contains autosampler vials and caps for HPLC and GC for all common instrument manufacturers, such as Waters, Agilent, Shimadzu and others. Aijiren, 1.5ml HPLC Vial and Cap factory, has wide product line, which is completed by lab accessories, like vial containers, racks and crimpers/decrimper.
Storage vials for liquid or powdery samples are available by 1.5ml HPLC Vial and Cap factory. A new 20 mm crimp cap with Silicone/PTFE liner sets a new standard in the GC headspace area. Aijiren 1.5ml hplc vial cap is characterised by high analytical purity and high temperature resistance (-60°C up to 200°C), good penetration properties and excellent sealing.
The dimensions stated of 1.5ml HPLC Vial and Cap diameter and height are exact values. Please note that other suppliers often list rounded values (e.g., 12 x 32 mm instead of 11.6 x 32 mm), the actual dimensions are, however, identical due to the required fit in the instrument. Our data concerning the volume are defined realistically usable volumes, not calculated values.
The packaging material of 1.5ml HPLC Vial and Cap has been strictly evaluated with regard to possible releases of contaminants to ensure analytically clean products from manufacturing all through storage until consumption. The cap of the bag enables consumers to protect the vials against any contamination from the lab environment during consumption.
Aijiren is 1.5ml HPLC Vial and Cap factory, all of the product are produced in standard progress and clean workshop. Welcome to inquiry us.