How To Choose Crimp Gc Headspace Vial 2?

How To Choose Crimp Gc Headspace Vial 2?

May. 13th, 2020
Last article Aijiren have given experimenter some advices about how to choose crimp top GC Headspace Vial. As GC Headspace Vial manufacturer, Aijiren will give more suggestions on choose crimp top GC Headspace Vial.
First, each experimenter should pay attention to crimp top GC Headspace Vial volume when purchasing. Different from 11mm crimp HPLC vial, GC Headspace Vial volume is 6ml, 10ml, 20ml. According to volume of analyzed samples, please select the appropriate GC Headspace Vial.
That clearly see the contents is the sample vial mainly different from other vial. Because of this reason, the external light is easy to penetrate the vial, resulting in the sample of material deterioration. Aijiren supply clear GC Headspace Vial and amber GC Headspace Vial to select. According to the sample feature, please select the suit GC Headspace Vial.
GC Headspace Vial cap as an important part of the sealing, how its sealing performance has been our concern. Few people care about the GC Headspace Vial cap use function and appearance. Aijiren supply White PTFE/white silicone septa, Nature PTFE/Nature Silicone septa, white PTFE/blue silicone septa, Grey PTFE/Moulded butyl septa to select.
Aijiren is one of the largest GC Headspace Vial manufacturer, which has its workshop and automatic production line. No matter  what GC Headspace Vial you choose, you can find in Aijiren.