HPLC sample vial Application in Laboratory Analysis

HPLC sample vial Application in Laboratory Analysis

Jun. 2nd, 2020

HPLC Sample Vial is widely used in Laboratory analysis. Food safety, Environmental monitoring, and HPLC Sample Vials take an important role. This article focuses on the application of glass sample vials for LC and LC/MS and small molecule applications. Please choose a compatible HPLC Sample Vial according to your experiment application requirement. 

The quality of 
HPLC Sample Vial has a great influence on the analyzed sample. In laboratory analysis, if the experimental results data and database data are different, the second experiment needs to do under the same conditions, aiming to verify the experimental results. If the HPLC Sample Vial has an extractor, the experimental results will certainly be biased.

Sample Containment and Preservation

HPLC sample vials provide a secure environment to safeguard samples against external influences such as light, moisture, and air. Amber or clear glass vials help prevent light-induced degradation of light-sensitive compounds and some vials come equipped with screw caps or septa to ensure airtight sealing; thereby avoiding sample evaporation or contamination.

It has been shown that 
HPLC Sample Vial quality does have an impact on data quality and should be considered when assessing method-related risks during Stage 1 of MLCM. Choosing the right HPLC Sample Vial, lid and liner for sample analysis is important to ultimately achieve.

Minimization of Sample Carryover
Carryover is a key challenge in HPLC analysis, where leftover remnants from past samples remain in the system and interfere with subsequent analyses. High-quality vials equipped with proper seals can help mitigate carryover by ensuring no residue or contaminants remain after sample injection - something particularly vital when working with low-concentration analytes or high-sensitivity analysis requirements.

Compatibility with HPLC Systems
HPLC sample vials must be compatible with the instrument being used, fitting smoothly into an autosampler tray while withstanding pressure and temperature conditions during analysis. Vials manufactured according to precise dimensions help ensure proper alignment with autosampler needles for efficient results and reduced risk of instrument malfunction, increasing overall efficiency.

HPLC Sample Vial coming from a single way and specified source also reduces risks when the sample methods needs to be deployed to different laboratories across the globe. So if your laboratory buy HPLC Sample Vial, please choose real chromatography consumable manufacturer.

Sample Recovery and Reproducibility

HPLC sample vials should enable efficient and complete recovery of the sample. Ideally, they should have a low surface adsorption capacity to minimize analyte loss or adsorption onto the vial walls. Sample vials made from inert materials, such as borosilicate glass or high-quality plastics like polypropylene, are commonly used to minimize interactions between the sample and the vial surface. This promotes reproducibility of results and enhances the accuracy of quantitative analysis.
Aijiren is HPLC Sample Vial manufacturer, which offers a selection of glass HPLC Sample Vial and plastic sample vials that fit most manufacturers’ instruments. Two of the most popular uses are as HPLC Sample Vial and GC vials. These chromatography vials can be used as sample storage vials by adding a solid caps with septa.

What to Pay Attention To

Take special care in selecting, handling, and quality-checking HPLC sample vials as they play an integral part in laboratory analysis, protecting samples against contamination while minimising carryover effects, being compatible with HPLC systems and efficient sample recovery with reproducibility and tracking throughout analysis; ultimately improving reliability, precision, and efficiency for successful laboratory analysis with HPLC techniques.


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