What Are the Characteristics of Aijiren HPLC Sample Vial?

What Are the Characteristics of Aijiren HPLC Sample Vial?

Jun. 1st, 2020
The Aijiren 1.5 mL HPLC Sample Vial allow to samples taken in the vial field and directly analyzed on the HPLC analysis. Without having to transfer the sample into another vial, streamlining the sampling process and increasing your productivity. Screw thread vials are designed for a guaranteed fit.
For the highest levels sensitivity, resolution and throughput, you purchased a well-known analytical system. As we all known, the famous brand consumable is very expensive. To save your analytical costs, Aijiren HPLC Sample Vial are fully compatible with a wide range of analyzers. Not only is performance and results not expected to be affected, but  the analysis performance is a complete substitute for the famous brand sample vials.
Aijiren HPLC Sample Vial was developed by analyzing the characteristics of several well-known analyzers, avoiding the characteristics of previous sample vial. Aijiren uses special processes to modify the sample mouth accuracy, HPLC Sample Vial body size, and sample vial thickness. Compatible with the analyzer, the precipitate is reduced to ensure the purity of the analyzed sample.
When you choose HPLC Sample Vial, must be sure to identify the quality of these sample vial. You will find the same size sample vial, the quality is the large difference. In general, unqualified sample vial have a great impact on the ratio of chromatographic peaks.  Aijiren's sample bottles have strict requirements from the selection of raw materials to packing. The factory pass rate reached 98.6%.
HPLC Sample Vial is supplied by Aijiren in wholesale price. You have know some characteristics of aijiren sample vial; I want to tell that you the price is 100% factory price is other characteristic of Aijiren HPLC Sample Vial. Welcome to inquiry.