Laboratory Hand Tool Medical 11mm GC Vial Crimper for 11mm Crimp Vial Cap

Laboratory Hand Tool Medical 11mm GC Vial Crimper for 11mm Crimp Vial Cap

Apr. 2nd, 2020
What is important is the versatility of 11mm GC Vial Crimper, which is a variety of domestically imported headspace sample bottles and jaw bottles. Its superior sealing and material properties are incomparable.

Its use is different from ordinary bottle capping pliers.There are two sizes of 20mm and 11mm according to the size of the jaw headspace bottle.11mm GC Vial Crimper is the popular serie.
1. The product is made of high boron glass. The key technical indicators, such as the inside and outside diameter of the bottle mouth and the bottle body, and the accuracy of the screw mouth, meet international requirements.
2. The wide-mouth design can reduce the probability of damage to the needle of the autosampler, and can be used with economical intubation to save experimental costs;

Product Name

Laboratory Hand Tool Medical 11mm GC Vial Crimper for 11mm Crimp Vial Cap

Suitable Products

13mm 20mm crimp neck glass vials

Suitable neck size

13mm and 20mm

Suitable Cap model

flip off aluminum-plastic cap or aluminum cap




This kind tool have 4 models:  

1: for 11mm aluminum cap

2:for 11mm aluminum-plastic cap

3:for 20mm aluminum cap

4:for 20mm aluminum-plastic cap


When place order, pls note the cap size and cap model, so that we can send correct model.



1:It can be used in any time, any place.

2:Release and capping can be adjusted by hand more easily.

3:Its size is small, more easy to work.

4:After capping lid it's more sealing, not leak.

Free supply

If it's ordered together with our glass vials, and glass vials cost is more than USD1000, it will be free 1 piece.

3, the size of the bottle mouth, to ensure the accurate grasp of the autosampler;
4. Brown sample bottle is suitable for chromatographic analysis and sample preservation of light unstable samples;
5. Super clean working environment production / packaging, packaging with specific packaging materials to reduce pollution.
Any requirement about 11mm GC Vial Crimper,Aijiren is your best choice.