The Classification of China Laboratory Reagent Bottle

The Classification of China Laboratory Reagent Bottle

Aug. 10th, 2020
Reagent Bottles is also named as media bottles or graduated bottles. The raw material of Reagent Bottles are mainly glass, plastic, borosilicate glass or related substances. Laboratory reagent bottle is mainly made of glass and borosilicate glass. As we all know, Borosilicate glass reagent bottle is a little expensive than other reagent bottle.
China laboratory Reagent Bottles are special caps or stoppers. The sample included chemical in liquid or powder form for laboratory and stored in Cabinets. Different reagents are required for different reagents. Common cap sizes include 33-430 (33mm), 38-430 (38mm), and GL45 (45mm).
The color of laboratory Reagent Bottles are amber and clear. Amber reagent bottle protect light-sensitive chemical compounds from visible light, ultraviolet and infrared radiation which may alter the sample. Of course, Amber reagent bottle is more expensive than clear reagent bottle. Please choose the suit reagent bottle as your experiment requirement.
The Reagent Bottles are also called graduated bottle, when the reagent bottle have marks on the sides indicating the approximate (often with a 10% error) amount of liquid at a given level within the container. Most of China laboratory reagent bottle has marks, if you need non-marks reagent bottle, you can ask our business manager.
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