Introduce Autosampler Vial Crimp Top Cap

Introduce Autosampler Vial Crimp Top Cap

Aug. 5th, 2020
In the previous article, Aijiren introduced screw cap and snap cap for autosampler vial. When you choose the cap of autosampler vial, Please be sure to select the appropriate chromatography vial lid according to the relevant analyzer. In this article, introduce the Crimp Caps of the chromatography vial.
Chromatography vial crimp caps are mainly adapted to 11mm crimp vial bottle and 20mm crimp top headspace vial. Almost of crimp caps are used in Gas chromatography. The Crimp Caps provided by Aijiren not only meet your experimental needs, but also allow you to enjoy a discounted price.
Crimp Caps squeeze the septum between the rim of the glass vial and the crimped aluminum cap. This forms an excellent seal preventing evaporation. Compared to other lids, crimp cap seal is the best. The crimp cap vial requires crimping tools to carry out the sealing process.
The raw material of Crimp Caps are Metal or aluminum. So the crimp caps offer the widest range of temperature tolerances and are very resistant to fracture from impact. Crimp Caps are great for gas chromatography  applications. A crimp closure is manufactured from either steel (coated with anti-corrosive coating of either chromeplate or tinplate) or aluminum.
Aijiren is one of the largest Crimp Caps manufacturer, all of the Crimp Caps for autosampler vial is supplied in wholesale price. Welcome to inquiry.