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The chromatograph uses empty vials and HPLC syringe filter

Jun. 22nd, 2019
Use of chromatograph headspace bottles and injection pads: in order to achieve performance with headspace GC, be careful with sample preparation and instrument Settings. The bottle and lid is a very important and often overlooked element for the top spatial analysis.
It's important to make sure you use the right bottle and cap!

vials and HPLC syringe filter
Bottle size
In usable 6, 10, 20 milliliter size. Use a standard sample bottle to ensure adequate top space. This must be done in a standard scale and of course must be done without over-diluting the used sample. Normally the reserved capacity after comparison should be at least 50% of the sample volume

At the bottom of the curve
The top empty bottle has a round bottom or a flat bottom. Both types are suitable for injection but round bottles tend to be stronger in storage and sampling. Therefore, the automatic sampler with round bottom bottle should work more reliably. Round bottle-bottom bottles also tend to withstand higher pressures and are more suitable for temperature rise and application compatibility such as derivatization.
Correct lid clamp
The top empty bottle must be properly pressed. Make sure the gland clamp is properly adjusted. The cap should not affect the use of the bottle after use. Find out more about the proper use of cappers and empty bottles.
Selection of injection pad 
Use an injection pad with appropriate temperature tolerance. Improper injection pads can lead to dissolution and lead to contamination of the top space.