Essential Insights on HPLC Vial Packaging: What You Must Know

What Should You Know About HPLC Vial Package?

May. 27th, 2024
HPLC vials are used to contain liquid samples required for chromatographic analysis. HPLC vials package is very important for the protection of the vials. Common package options include acrylic boxes, skin package, and PP boxes. Packaging protects HPLC vials from physical damage during shipping and storage. Failure to package HPLC vials may result in sample contamination, evaporation, or degradation. This can affect the accuracy and reliability of the HPLC analysis. 

Common Packaging Types of HPLC Vials

When packing HPLC vials, we provide a variety of materials and packaging types. HPLC vials are protected and handled during storage and transportation. The type of HPLC vials package chosen usually depends on factors such as vial size, quantity and price. Here are 4 common types of HPLC vials package:

Locating Hole Package

Acrylic trays with locating holes are a popular choice for HPLC vials package. These locating hole packages typically measure 17.8*10.2cm in size. They have molded perforations or indentations to keep the vials safe during traverse and storage. The locating holes keep the 1.5ml vials from sliding or dislodging. This reduces the chance of breakage or contamination.

Without Locating Hole Package

This kind of acrylic box packaging has no locating holes. Without locating hole package size is usually about 12.8*10.5cm. Although these packages do not have molded holes to hold vials in place, they still provide a safe, dust-free environment for storing and transporting HPLC vials.

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Skin package

Skin package involves sealing HPLC vials in a tight-fitting polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film. Skin packaging dimensions are usually approximately 13.5*11.5 cm. Skin package conforms closely to the shape of the vial, providing excellent protection against moisture, dust and other contaminants.

White polypropylene (PP) box

White polypropylene boxes provide opaque packaging options for HPLC vials. These PP boxes protect vials from light, which is critical for light-sensitive samples or reagents. The general size of the PP box is about 17.5*9cm. They can accommodate about 100 vials.

Some manufacturers can offer customers custom packaging options to meet their specific needs or accommodate larger quantities of vials. HPLC vial package type and size may vary depending on the manufacturer, vial size and the specific requirements of the application. 
Differences in HPLC Vial Packaging

HPLC vial packaging is critical to maintaining sample integrity and ensuring reliable analytical results. Factors such as material, price, and locating holes can significantly affect packaging selection for specific laboratory needs. There are several key differences in HPLC vial packaging types:

1. Material differences

Aijiren HPLC vial packaging is available in different packaging materials. Common packaging materials include acrylic, PET and PP.
Generally speaking, acrylic package is stronger and more durable. PET is a lightweight plastic material often used for skin package. PP is a more affordable plastic material that is also strong and durable. 

2. Pricing differences

HPLC vial packaging costs are affected by material and design features. Because of the difference in material, acrylic packaging is generally more expensive than plastic packaging such as PP and PET. PET and PP package are economical type. Plastic packaging materials such as PET and PP tend to be more affordable options. 

3.Whether with Locating hole

The presence or absence of locating holes in HPLC vial packaging can significantly impact the functionality and convenience of the packaging. The Locating Hole Package can help with easy placement and retrieval of the vials. Packaging without pilot holes will still protect the HPLC vial. However, it may require more manual handling of the vial.

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Factors to consider when selecting HPLC vial packaging

When selecting HPLC sample vial packaging, the following points should be considered. To ensure the integrity and reliability of HPLC analytical results.

Packaging hplc vials needs to consider the durability and protection of the packaging. Acrylic packaging is more durable than PP packaging and PET packaging and can better protect HPLC vial during transportation and storage. 

Packaging with locating holes, partitions or compartments helps secure vials and prevent damage during handling and transportation.

When selecting HPLC vial packaging, practical considerations include simplicity, durability, and reusability. Features such as easy-open lids or stackable designs can make workflow more efficient.

Packaging costs vary greatly, so it is often necessary to balance performance, material durability, and price to fit within a lab's budget.


HPLC vials require proper packaging to maintain sample integrity. Common options include acrylic trays, acrylic boxes, skin packaging, and polypropylene boxes. The choice of HPLC vial packaging depends on factors such as laboratory or application requirements and balancing cost.