Top 10 Advantages of PTFE Lined Chromatography Vials for Precision Results
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10 Reasons Why You Should Use PTFE Lined Chromatography Vials

Nov. 23rd, 2023
Chromatography is an indispensable analytical technique, and selecting suitable vials plays a significant part in its success. Of the numerous options available to researchers today, PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) lined chromatography vials stand out as being superior for various reasons; we explore some compelling reasons to switch over to using them for your analytical needs in this article.

1. Chemical Resistance:

PTFE is widely recognized for its superior chemical resistance. When it comes to vial lining material, PTFE stands out as being resistant against all sorts of substances found in your samples - helping preserve their integrity without interference from vial material.

2. Minimized Sample Contamination:

The non-reactive nature of PTFE reduces the risk of sample contamination, making it an excellent choice for applications where sample purity is paramount.

3. Temperature Stability:

PTFE offers exceptional temperature stability across a broad temperature range. This property allows PTFE lined vials to perform consistently in applications involving extreme temperatures for reliable results.

4. Reduced Adsorption:

PTFE's low surface energy helps minimize adsorption, keeping analytes from sticking to vial walls and aiding sample recovery at trace-level analyses where sample recovery is essential. This property makes PTFE particularly ideal for use in trace-level analyses where sample recovery is essential.

5. Versatility:

PTFE lined vials can accommodate a wide array of samples, such as acids, bases and organic solvents - making them a suitable choice for laboratories dealing with diverse sample matrices.

6. Longevity and Durability:

PTFE is widely recognized for its durability and resistance to wear. As such, PTFE lined chromatography vials have an extended lifespan than conventional vials, providing cost-effective yet eco-friendly solutions.

7. Seal Integrity:

Our PTFE lining ensures a secure and reliable seal, protecting samples from evaporation while upholding the integrity of analyses over time.

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8. Consistent Performance:

PTFE lined vials offer consistent chromatographic results from batch to batch, helping ensure more reliable and reproducible data collection. This consistency is of key importance in providing reliable data.

9. Cleanliness:

PTFE's non-stick properties make the cleaning process quick and efficient, facilitating fast vial preparation for subsequent analyses.

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10. Compatibility with Sensitive Techniques:

PTFE lined vials are well suited for use with sensitive techniques like gas chromatography (GC) and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) where even minor variations can have a profound effect on results.

Vial selection is no small matter in chromatography - it plays an essential role in the accuracy, reliability, and efficiency of analyses. For best results consider switching to PTFE lined vials that combine chemical resistance, inertness, and durability into their makeup for an experience that prioritizes precision and consistency.

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